Family garden in Dubí

„With the forest behind the fence and the meadow outside the window“

The entire garden will be re-vegetated with new plantings of ornamental and commercial plants.
The plants will form continuous lots, minimizing future maintenance requirements. The newly planted plants
lots are ornamental and utilitarian in nature. Due to the light and space conditions of the garden, the
semi-shaded cultivars of shrubs and perennials are chosen in areas that require it, and cultivars in sunny areas
shrubs, complemented by plants with a distinctive flower or leaf colour. Lawn areas
form natural, continuous spaces from which to observe the individual corners of the planting. During the year, the
the different parts of the garden will alternate in bloom, ensuring the garden’s year-round attractiveness.

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The plantings are designed so that the turf forms circular sections in which solitaire, interesting
by its flower or leaf colour. An orchard with seven fruit trees is proposed along the western fence.
At the southern end a space has been left for garden waste storage, which has been screened by planting. Plantings
are made up of ornamental coniferous and deciduous trees, which provide activity throughout the year.
Towards the southern end of the site, due to the views into the landscape and adjacent woodland, predominantly
native tree species. The eastern group of trees is designed primarily to screen the canopy to the adjacent
plot. The green belt is designed to be attractive throughout the year. Particular attention has been paid to
screening unwanted views into the garden from the surrounding buildings by a group of conifers.Příprava projektu

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