Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems are part of the perfect care of the green. Properly designed and installed system will allow you to achieve significant savings in time and water, which will very soon cover the cost of investment.

Compared to manual watering, the time saved in a normal-sized garden ranges from tens to hundreds of hours per growing season. We will prepare an automatic irrigation project for you, including a price quote. For irrigation systems we use the brand RainBird, which we represent.



The perfect lawn has become a symbol and an integral part of a pleasant and beautiful life, but also well-groomed parks, green areas around new corporate buildings and golf courses.

In short – it wants not only an interesting and prestigious building, but also a suitable lawn next to it. However, it is not enough to sow the grass mixture and then mow it properly, but to maintain the lawn throughout the year. We offer the possibility of creating a lawn by seeding, laying a pre-grown lawn carpet or artificial elegant lawn.


Swimming pond

By building a swimming pond, you get a landscaped natural part of the garden, which can be used all year round, relax, meditate, swim in the summer and skate in the winter.

Getting closer to nature, you can enjoy its beauty and diversity every day. A swimming pool is a living organism and can prepare many beautiful surprises for you. You will remove mosquitoes caught by their natural enemies from the swimming pool. The water in the swimming pool is clean, fragrant and without chemicals. We will supply the construction of the pond including the project; The building permit will be provided by the customer.


Garden ponds

Water serves as one of the characteristic elements in gardens. Among other things, as ornamental or bathing garden ponds.

The company ZELENÉ KOLO will integrate it into your garden. At the same time they plant water plants and add islands, stone cascades, waterfalls or streams to the pond according to the customer’s wishes. The size, location and position of the land decides the lake. The larger the lake, the more natural it looks and creates suitable living conditions for animals and plants.


Reconstruction of gardens

An important basis is the passport (inventory) of the park, garden or other compositional unit.

In obtaining this basis, we focus on individual trees, shrubs and technical elements such as paths, benches and various buildings. Subsequently, the skeleton and the environment of the composition is cleaned or rather prepared (if the planting is heavily destroyed and overgrown with air raids). Depending on the project, a suitable planting material is selected and planted itself. Reconstruction is completed by restoring and establishing lawns and laying out and establishing roads, or. other technical elements.


Garden golf

To make garden golf fun for your whole family!

Golf is a popular sport for many decades, a source of relaxation and for many to recover from problems. Once you look from the tee to the alleys of mowed fairways to imagine the place to play the drive, walking on the mowed green of deep green color, soft and dense, will not only golf, but usually the desire for such a fail beautiful lawn in their garden. We offer high quality lawns, whether seeded or from pre-grown grass carpets. We offer a variant of artificial turf of the highest quality.



The company ZELENÉ KOLO designs playgrounds, designs and then builds.

It depends only on the customer, what idea he has of the playground or children’s corner in his garden and for what old children this is intended. We try to make these playgrounds safe and colorful with new forms of climbing frames, trains, castles and swings.



LED luminaires are very suitable for complex lighting in terms of power and character for all access roads, driveways, entrance areas, but also very often as indirect lighting around terraces or partition lighting between plantings and lawns.

All luminaires are designed for 12 V lighting systems. However, most luminaires can be easily adapted for connection to 230 V using an optional internal transformer.


Green roofs

Vegetation roofs have economic, technological, ecological, hygienic, psychological, aesthetic and recreational functions.

The main advantages include thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. Significant is the considerable retention capacity, ie the reduction of rainwater runoff from the roof. They reduce the swirling of dust and dirt and improve the microclimate. Roof gardens provide privacy and new living spaces, often with attractive views. They have a virtually unlimited lifespan and their importance lies not only in their purely functional aspects, but also in the immeasurable values of increased living quality.



The waterfall is a steep to vertical step in a riverbed through which the flow of water passes. The causes of the waterfall are structural geological (resistant rocks rest on soft cracks) or geomorphological (floating side valleys).

We can design and build cascades, cataracts and rapids. Garden waterfalls are beautiful objects of the garden: the water jumps beautifully with the rustling of the stones of the waterfall to the garden pond. The most beautiful garden waterfalls are those that we plant in a terrain wall, a stone wall or the slope of your garden.


Earthworks and terrain modeling

Landscaping is often associated with realization, which we perform both manually and mechanically. This is a permanent change of terrain, so great attention is paid to the preparation phase.

We offer complete field works from the summary and comparison of the terrain to the creation of the necessary terrain irregularities, the introduction of the soil and its subsequent leveling by quality measurement methods. An interesting solution is the realization of terrain modeling, which can ensure the uniqueness and diversity of your work.


Maintenance of the private green

Mowing grass, maintaining shrubs and bushes, transplanting flowers and woody plants, controlling weeds, fertilizing.

We are the market leader in the field of Green Maintenance. We realize and maintain gardens, ponds, parks or green areas along the roads. We clean the paving, paint the fence, winterize the swimming pond, prepare automatic irrigation, cut the tree and prepare a report.