The main program of the company ZELENÉ KOLO is the installation of wire fences, fences, gates and gates.

The wire fence is surface-treated with zinc or modern maintenance-free with PVC. The fencing systems we use have a wide range of applications, from garden fences to fences of buildings and areas of strategic importance. The assortment is completed by breeding and forest nets, modules for sports fields, gates, gates and other accessories. Dozens of reliably functioning installations testify to the quality of the services offered.


Everwood – Eternal Wood

We sell extruded profiles EVERWOOD made of plastic resistant to water, salt and weather conditions.

These profiles are widely used indoors and outdoors as a substitute for hardwood. They are suitable for tiling houses and cottages, garage doors, making garden furniture, benches, handrails, thresholds, window sills, moldings, etc. We offer more than 40 different shapes in various colors. The material is dyed in the mass. These products are not harmful to health, use saves labor and time painting, as well as the cost of expensive paints.


Retaining walls

Supports are part of many different projects. It offers a wide range of applications and significant financial savings and technical solutions.

We use mostly natural materials, stone, wood, brick. Their main advantages are high variability, long life and almost zero maintenance. Concrete retaining walls are just another suitable element for their construction.



Gabion – the so-called stone in a cage – is a wire basket filled with stone of various shapes and sizes. In the past, it was used as a fortress to stabilize the banks of watercourses or as a retaining wall. Today, the use of gabions is much more widespread.

They are used in the construction of modern fences, retaining and decorative walls to divide areas. Architects use gabions as a decorative and functional element in modern architecture. Various forms of gabion structures are used as fences, pergolas, benches and tables, different corners of gardens are separated.



Outdoor paving stones are used in front of the house, in the yard and garden. What suits your house? Concrete, stone or ceramic? Get inspired.

We have great tips for you. It is better to entrust the work to a professional company. It must be properly sloped so that water does not stick to it. It is important that it is not slippery. The final surface must match the style of the house or garden.


Rubber patch

We offer rubber paving with a number of excellent properties that cannot be achieved with other types of paving.

The walkable surface is softer than concrete paving, and also more washable and waterproof. Its use is very wide, from playgrounds, sidewalks, stables to soundproofing roadways. Rubber paving consists of a rubber mixture based on rubber granules. These pavers are produced in various types and sizes and in three colors – red, green and black. Rubber paving is laid on a bed of sandstone – at low load, on treated substrates (concrete, wood) or glued to concrete or asphalt.



Electrical installation, and therefore the light sockets, should have both a small garden near the row house and a large garden. Pool well, gazebo, lawn mower, outdoor kitchen, control, there is everywhere you need a power cord. We understand automation. After all, light is indispensable not only for the visual effect, but especially for safe walking on garden paths and stairs.


Pavilions, wood

Pergolas and gazebos are the most sought after outdoor buildings.

The main construction and building material in the construction of pergolas and fences is pine and spruce wood. If we want a more durable wooden pergola, we choose a more expensive beech or oak. The most common pergolas are corner, rectangular or radial pergolas in a circle and semicircle. The walls can be beveled, curved or straight.