Plant trees

Planting mature trees is not a common gardening task. For gardeners it is as demanding as for the tree itself.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider and follow all the proven rules. Site selection, crown size, water availability, berth, stress factors, aftercare, and so on.


Park realization

We provide landscape design for municipalities, cities, organizations and private individuals with activities throughout the Czech Republic.

We are experts in public greenery. We take care of the realization of a new park, reconstruction of the castle park and comprehensive modeling of the field landscape.


Sports field

Sports fields are built with the latest technology.

We build sports fields of all categories up to the turf of soccer. We realize irrigation systems with filling stations. Fences, artificial surfaces and drainage systems. Last but not least, care is important – fertilization, scarification, wintering.


Tree felling

Cutting down a tree is very challenging and often dangerous.

These are usually trees that are damaged in some way, rotten or dry, and can injure a person or damage property. These trees usually grow in built-up areas, near power lines, or in places that are heavily trafficked (such as city centers). At this point, it is time for tree climbing equipment or felling from the platform.


Year round maintenance

At your request, the staff of our company will objectively assess the requirements of the park or garden and create a schedule for the maintenance of greenery, based directly on the requirements of local, climatic, but also species (according to the requirements) of plants in the composition).

The result will then be a well-functioning and prosperous green that resists the basic pitfalls of the urban environment.



The arborist is a horticulturist, an expert in the field of care of woody plants that grow outside the forest and is especially in demand for special interventions on woody plants.

Due to the variety of interventions, knowledge of dendrology, physiology, mechanics and pedology is essential to the work of an arborist. It is also necessary to know relevant legislation and occupational health and safety. The typical scope of work is the realization of cultivation and stabilization measures (professional pruning, installation of binding crowns, etc.), risky felling, but also planting of trees, protection of trees during construction activities, assessment of the condition of individual trees.


Maintenance of public and industrial premises

Green maintenance is a set of seasonal works performed by workers and machines to maintain the green condition (trees, shrubs, lawns, závlaha, jezírka, kašny apod.) in a pre-agreed condition.

Maintenance of the green is carried out to the extent specified in the contract as often as agreed with the public client. Maintenance of the green may include various gardening works and works related to the green and the area in which it is located (sweeping, garbage removal, watering, mowing, pruning, rejuvenation, mowing).