A good project is the first step on the way to the final work that fully satisfies the customer.

Without proper design and project almost nothing is created. The same applies to the services and products of ZELENÉ KOLO, whose team of designers is always ready to meet the needs of the customer, meet him and discuss his request. We process 3D designs of gardens, swimming pools, water features, building details and public greenery, where real videos of different seasons, flowing water, trees and plantings can be output in the following growing years, including real natural effects.


public greenery

We design ideas for public greenery into real photos and place your idea on a real planned site, or we model the site into your new idea.

Prepares a proposed solution with a subsequent project each time. Project documentation. It does not matter whether the project is created, linear green, a children’s playground, a spa park, a kindergarten, changes to the existing green in the village square or pavilion or atypical building or the atrium of your house.



To complete the range of services, the company ZELENÉ KOLO has expanded its offer with the preparation of a study for the project retaining walls, walls and other construction elements, paving plan, pavilion study, pergola, conservatory and atypical structures, as well as outdoor wiring , static assessments and building permits for its customers.


Testimonials greenery

Dendrological research refers to the inventory of green areas. This applies to a larger group of trees and shrubs based on their measured inventory values.

The table can be used to read data such as which trees and shrubs are the oldest, least or most damaged taxa, taxa with the best or worst horticultural value, etc. Based on this, we determine which taxon is most suitable and promising for the habitat. Evaluation: health status, physiological vitality, stability, life expectancy, operational safety, treatment proposal, evaluation of tree damage.