Realization in Lom

Last autumn we started the reconstruction of the garden in Lom u Most. The customer’s dream was to create a place where the whole family would love to spend time together and relax in their own way. The daughter wanted a corner with a hammock, the wife wanted a bench overlooking a water feature and the husband wanted a passage through his own vineyard 🙂 We took careful note of everything and tried to design and implement it in such a way that our clients could find their own thing in the desired garden and spend time together.


And this is how the whole realization went in time:

Skeletal tree planting.


Formation of a clay path.


Establishing a new lawn using TerraCottem soil conditioner.


Earthworks, removal of fabric and old duckweed.


Creating a water feature and trellis not only for vines.


A je hotovo  🙂

We enjoyed the whole realization in Lom very much and the cooperation with the Vodák family was very pleasant. They actively participated in developing the whole idea of the proposed concept into the final form.  We believe that the work was successful and that the couple Zbyněk and Daniela Vodák will be happy to spend time together in their dream garden.

Thank you for the great cooperation:-)

On behalf of the whole Green Wheel team Petra A.K.