Realization in Skorotice part I.


The realization at our dear customer in Skorotice started already last spring. It was divided into 4 stages and we all enjoyed it very much. We are already looking forward to catching some pictures of the garden being beautifully integrated after the holidays with our dear customer in Skorotice:-)

First we levelled the ground and replaced the soil to make it suitable for future planting. Behind the house we built a fitness setup for the man of the house:-), in one place, along with a sunken trampoline for his dearest family members. This whole relaxation area was designed so that everyone could spend time together. The clay surface on which the fitness set is built blended beautifully into the designed garden as a whole




The fencing was made of Everwood material. All under the direction of the Green Wheel: the rolling gate, the gate, the turntable for the bin… the result was worth it:-)


Lawn establishment and planting of skeletal trees.



Planting of perennial beds and installation of a swimming pool. Final photos will be in part II 🙂




Petra Anat K.