Planting of 85 Acer pseudoplatanus for the Forest of the Czech Republic in Nelahozeves


Last week we participated in the planting of a replacement planting in the harbour in Nelahozeves. 85 Acer Pseudoplatanus were planted. It was a replacement planting, the purpose of which was also to strengthen the bank with a root system.

The terrain for planting the trees was very bad – quite compacted from the heavy equipment that was piling waste from the surrounding area. We used Avant equipment to dig the holes and also removed the accumulated aggregate. For each tree, we used hydrogel soil sorbent, silvamix and symbivit fertiliser to support the root system and to give support in this dry season. There was also a partial replacement of soil suitable for planting the trees.

SYMBIVIT® is based on the excellent properties of mycorrhizal fungi. It is a granular product that is easy to use and your plants will be able to draw the best from it for their beautiful growth and resistance. The mycorrhizal fungi in Symbivit will attach to the roots of your plants and grow, drawing nutrients from the soil and supporting the plant throughout its life.

Silvamix is a line of specialty, nutrient-dense, slow dissolving fertilizers. They are slow acting due to their urea formaldehyde condensate and potassium magnesium phosphate content.

Hydrogel is a German ecological soil sorbent with a long tradition, designed for optimal plant nutrition. It is a soil aid, a powdered concentrate that swells strongly in a water environment and forms a stable gel. The hydrogel particles weigh at least 250 times the water and supply the plant roots with water. This reduces losses during transplanting or during transport and storage of plants. After transplanting the plant into the soil, the hydrogel ensures better contact between the plant roots and the soil. The benefits of the product are: it increases the retention of usable water in the soil or substrate (providing a water saving of 70%), reduces the frequency of irrigation required and ensures the secure growth of all plants, including trees. The hydrogel also aerates the soil during constant expansion and contraction.

After planting all the trees and creating the irrigation bowls, the final stage is the watering:-) But that was the icing on the cake and the handover to the satisfied customer followed.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, Petra K.