Restoration of the garden yard on the farm in Vráža

Not far from Prague, in the direction of Pilsen, near Karlštějno in the village of Vráž, our company had the opportunity to design and realize a historical gardenScreen Shot 09-15-16 at 03.01 PMand reconstructed farmhouse of a respected collector of vintage vehicles.

The basic factor was to link contemporary knowledge with the past, so that the garden corresponded with the architecture of the building itself. And I think that the designer Slávka has succeeded very well.

Screen Shot 09-15-16 at 02.58 PM


The atrium courtyard corresponds to the water retention stone tank. The central feature is a flowery meadow planted with bulbs and flowering perennials. There is a hedge of bird’s-beak around it, complemented by groups of lavender. Hydrangea, hibiscus, perovskia, nutsedge, cedar, commune and other characteristic shrubs and perennials not only enhance the garden but underline the diversity in year-round flowering.

zahrada na statku  zahrada na statku zahrada na statku

The actual realization of the garden required a change in the permeability of the existing clay soil by placing gravel across the entire area so that moisture could be drained into the lower layer. All this was carried out with a soil cutter and a turf stacker.

Příprava půdy zakladačem trávníkuPříprava půdy zakladačem trávníku

Příprava půdy zakladačem trávníku

Příprava půdy

Příprava půdy

Perennials were planted in special gravel beds with a 60/40 aggregate ratio. These conditions are very important for the growth of some plants. Weed and moisture control fabric was not used here and the area was mulched with aggregate of sufficient thickness. Techniques were needed to establish them, not only because of their weight but also for safe handling.



Výsadba trvalek

Výsadba trvalek

This is how trees are selected by the grower and documented and approved before removal from the ground.