The magic of the central garden with roses

It is said that what is small is beautiful, some might argue that this is not true for a garden, and that the more square meters, the more luxurious the garden will be. But even in a relatively small garden, with the help of experts, something beautiful can be created that pleases not only the eye, but also the soul. See how it was done!


An example is this small garden that we implemented in the Litoměřice district. Even in a relatively small area we managed to create an oasis of peace with a water feature for children (paddling pool), surrounded by a flowering backdrop.

And it is the small gardens that are a challenge for every gardener, because it is here that he shows how capable he is, because the smaller the space, the greater the demands are placed on the composition, the selection of suitable plant material and the harmony of all the elements that complete the natural appearance of these small but unique spaces.
Do you like the transformation of this small space? Do you also have only a few square metres of garden space and do not know how to use it appropriately and correctly? Then we and our many years of experience are here for you.

P.S. The garden was designed and photographed by our colleague and designer

Slávka Mlejnková.