Repair of the pond technology in the Home for the elderly in Bukova

We are happy to participate in the creation of green surroundings together with representatives of municipalities or public enterprises. And you know what we enjoy the most? It’s all our spaces!

Those there are the days when a flower bed by City Hall meant a ton of junipers and rock trees. Today, we often see enlightened municipal leadership that recognizes that residents and users of public spaces have an aesthetic need and nature should be part of the urbanized space. Such a flowering bed by the office can put a smile on a visitor’s face and the person who has come to pay the fine will pay it with a smile… 🙂 Of course, we make light of the situation, but the feeling at the sight of a cherry blossom tree is priceless! In addition to pleasant feelings, we also create a space for friends to meet for a picnic on the park lawn, for dramatic matches of small athletes on the playground or for couples in love to walk under the linden tree.

But it is not only about aesthetic perception and fulfilment, which can also have a health effect (well-being). Vegetation in cities also has hygienic, ecological and, more recently,

letech často zmiňovaný mikroklimatický efekt. Správný výběr a umístění vegetace ovlivňuje proudění vzduchu, teplotu a vlhkost vzduchu, produkci stínu a tlumení hluku. Správný a funkční ekosystém je nezbytnou součástí zdravého města. Proto si vybírejte profesionály a špičky ve svém oboru!

Zeleň kolem nás poskytuje neocenitelné ekologické a sociální výhody. Děkujeme proto všem, kteří nám umožnili podílet se na jejím vytváření.

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