Welding foil installation in ponds and tanks

This water feature serves as a reflection of the water surface as seen from the interior of the house where the owners have their dining table. They can thus observe the sky directly from the house. The regular shape and concrete shell allowed for a very precise laying of the pond liner with the installation of the pump and top skimmer.  The dimensions of this very interesting feature are 4 x 5 m and a depth of 1.3 m.

Fatra - jezírková folie


Foliování jezírka


Pokládka folie do Biotopu


Napouštění jezírka na koupání


In Saxon Switzerland, we prepared the body of a natural bathing pond for the client without the use of a concrete skeleton, which thus fits into a classic country garden.  A sufficient amount of plants and biological filtration help to keep the water suitable for swimming.  The installation is made with foil from the Czech manufacturer Fatra in a thickness of 1.5 mm and joined together by welding.

Instalace folie Fatra


Svařování folie


Okrasné jezírko - pokládka fólie